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School, A

Well, to follow the usual trend, I must tell you all of my schedule.

1(A) year Adv. Science 10 Towstik
2(A) year Integrated Ec and Gov Thelen
3(A) year Spanish I Calahan
4(A) sem Student Seminar Staff
5(B) sem Student Assistant Whipple
6(B) year English 10 Honors Jones
7(B) sem Computer Applications Martin
8(B) year Algebra II Dorais

I'm gonna see if I can get Ec/Gov changed to World Civ tomorrow. Wish me luck.

And now it's time for a thing I like to call Angelus, This Is Your Life.
Just cause I like that.

Perry Towstik, room 135

-Great teacher! I mean, he likes Buffy! How bad can he be? I think I'm going to like this class...-

Monte Thelen, room 234

-Not so much with the liking. The teacher's as cool as a football coach can get, but the class... I took Government in 8th grade, damnit! And who needs Economics? I learned all I need to about capitalism from Anya, thanks.-

Sharon Calahan, room 268

-I'm going to kill this teacher. DIE CALAHAN, DIE!!! That's all.-

Staff, room 150

-That's it, I'm getting good grades if only to get out of this piece of crap.-

Nate Agthe
-Cool guy, around 5 feet tall and uber hyper. But still pretty cool.-

DJ Mapes
-*blink blink* Whoa. Girl went goth.-

Eddie Russel
-Annoying little prat. Why's he gotta be in my advanced classes?-

Well, gotta go.

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