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Dreams and RPGs

So, I've had three dreams so far for my dream journal, and have yet to have a single one without SOME reference to a TV show. Something about that seems... pathetic. Also, in order, the main plot has been: prison/exorcism, car chase, and a long-lost brother. Yeah. I blame being raised on soap operas.

Anyway, I'm contemplating joining this one post-Hogwarts RPG. There was another one I was sort of interested in, only it committed the grave sins of A, killing a Creevey brother in the war (every. Single. Post-Hogwarts. RPG. EVER. does this), and B, didn't even spell his name right - "Collin Creeves". They also will allow Blaise Zabini's player to choose male or female (the game just started, so they SHOULD know Blaise is a guy), and put Victoria Frobisher in Slytherin. Sigh. So that one's out of the running.

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