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Ehnsis! "Red Cell".

Haha, I love when Abby and McGee are bickering and no longer dating. Least, I hope they're not dating, if Abby got so jealous over Wonder-Years gal without McGee and her doing anything but geeking out. Because if they're dating, McGee is SO dead.

(Yes, I realise that my Tabby colors are showing, however much I've tried to kill such leanings because NO ONE ELSE LIKES THEM.)

JAG commercial. Jeezus, haven't they gotten together yet, in the past TEN YEARS? Sheesh.

"No, gunnery sargeant?"

"Sometimes I feel like I'm a kindergarten teacher."
Gibbs: "I know the feeling."

Haha, 'Simon Franco' is totally supposed to be us over at NCIS Special Ops. Seriously.

Tony: "There is definitely something wrong with this guy."
McGee: "Why?"
Tony: "He listens to folk music!"

I like the war protester wearing the 'BITE ME' shirt. And Hunter Huxley - any relation to the writer of 'Brave New World'.

Yay, Abby types IMs like real words!

Gibbs: "I want answers. Where is Abby?"

Aw, Gibbs cornering poor Kate and Tony, and ignoring McGee!

Haha, paintball. NROTC. Tom needs to watch this episode. The shorter kid who got shot is pretty cute.

"He, uh, he didn't look like that when left." No shit, he wouldn't have been leaving with a broken neck! Haha.

Abby: "See, I told you he liiiiikes you!"

Wouldn't all the loud beeping be a tip-off if the dude WAS hiding out? Seriously, I hope he's dead, or Ehnsis is well on their way to being convicted of felony stupid.

Knew he was dead! So just totally called it.

Commercials: "Middle school girls on STEROIDS. Find out why at ten."

Poor Palmer. Haha! Tony! Poor Tony! "Missed your calling boss, you could have been a chiropractor."

Aw! "Did you hear that Palmer? He called me his senior field agent! Finally!"

Haha! Tony and Abby both love Fight Club!

"You think I keep him around for his personality?" Tony! My poor boy!

Abby: "You may be smart, but my geek carries a gun!"

Tony: "Howdy, Urkel!"
"No need to worry. Federal agents. Have a nice day!"
"We just call it interrogation."

McGee: "What kind of interrogation method is that?"
Gibbs: "The Dinozzo method. It's not pretty, but it's effective."

Knew that gunny looked suspicious. Bet ya he did it. Bet ya bet ya bet ya! He's creeeeepy-ass.

Gibbs vs. Gunny! FIIIIIGHT! Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs! *chants*

Gibbs: "Next person, who mentions Spring Break, a frat party, or college, is fired. Are we clear?"

Next time: "Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones." Haha, Ducky!


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