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Haha, today rules.

Guess what today is? That's riiiiight, Take Your Child to Work Day! And guess what my mom did? Took her child to work! Yeah! I'm reportin' to y'all from Laredo Middle School ("geh-toe" pronounciation: "Lard-o"), in my mom's office in the Media Center. Or do they still call it a library here? Hm...

In any case, went to visit Mrs. Patrick, my eighth grade social studies teacher, and she roped me into helping a group out with their Congressional hearing speeches. The kids names were Devon, Jerry (short for Gerald), Greg, and George, and they were like me and my friends are now. George is actually turning fifteen in ten days, which I had to laugh at. Not only is he three grades lower than I, a fifteen year old, am, he's also about four feet tall. And he kept poking Devon, so she threatened to bite him. And at one point, she was swinging her legs and accidentally kicked Jerry, who went down. It was awesome.

I also got to check in books, which is oddly fun. And did you know that the middle school is cool enough to have PCs, whereas we've got those stupid Macs up at Smoky? Sheesh.

In other news, my bruise is very impressive and grosses out all my former teachers! Whoo!

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