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Icons icons icons!

New icon!

Well, technically, three new icons, all from Serenity's trailer. I'm keeping this one as my default, though, because Jayne freaking rocks.

(The other two are at the bottom of http://www.livejournal.com/allpics.bml?user=colin_chaotic . The 'Time for some thrilling heroics' and the general Serenity one.)

Also. Me looking at Lost poster that came with the TV Guide: "Hey, these guys ain't too bad looking. 'Cept this one's dead."

One more thing: CSI tonight? Pretty awesome, and y'all know I don't care for anything less than acerbic Sara. And I'm Hodges. Not 'am like', am. Seriously.

Tomorrow, 4.45PM, Hitchhiker's Guide, Seven Hills, me an' Joe.

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