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So. Pirate!Deakins is kinda cute, in a hilarious, hey-that-reminds-me-of-when-I-got-that-glowstick-stuff-in-my-eye way. LOCI was brill as always, of course.

Crossing Jordan... eh. Gina Gershon is just incredibly boring and I'm not seeing this "chemistry" that's supposed to exist between her and Macy. It's not Macy's fault, he's got chemistry with other people, so it's gotta be Gina Gershon's character.

Well, I'm off to read a bit of Oz/SVU crossovers, and then I'll probably finish off the Cassidy episodes of SVU. Or maybe I'll go to bed on time for once. Hm. Novel concept, that.

And someone remind me to make either a Cassidy or O'Reily icon, okay? 'Cause I need some good Dean Winters.

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    Time to take me out back and shoot me, folks. That's right. I'm reading High School Musical MPREG. Someone, please. Shoot me.

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    I just got emailed a reminder for my own birthday. Look, I'm not THAT forgetful, I swear!

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