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Roseanne kinda ruled, dinnit?

I feel this weird urge to either write an American OC Harry Potter fic, or something to do with Zacharias Smith. Maybe I could work on my next part of Once More With Badgers! Only... maybe not. Cause eeww, romance! Icky! Also, cannae write. Alas, alack, forsooth. What? No idea.

God, I need sleep. And also, to not take four Advils at once. Just a guess, that. I can't believe it's only Sunday morning. And OMG, only a couple of days left until Leave it to Beaver! Aka, the SEASON FINALE OF VERONICA MARS. And the NCIS episode with sick!poisioned!bubonic plague!Tony! AAAAH! It's not fair that I have to wait so long! And Sandra Bernhardt freaks me the hell out, y'know? Especially when she calls poor Bug 'Buggles'. And when she's doing this announcing thing on Nick at Nite. I want Wings on instead, bitch! Give me Tim Daly or give me death! What? I don't know.

Haha, y'all wanna see my new away message?

"Lights out means shut the f*ck up."

(This away message brought to you by Ryan O'Reily, Lord of the F*ckin' Dance.)

I'm thinking about having another one with the ever-wonderous Alvarez quote "No offense. No offense. But drop fuckin' dead." 'Cause damn, I love me some Kirk Acevedo. Mm, Kirk Acevedo...

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