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Ramblings written over a full hour, whoo!

News: "We show you the story behind Colorado's most notorious businessmen."
Me: "We've got businessmen here?"

Also: According to the universe, also known as the five or so people I eat lunch with, I'm the only person who is bored by Yoda.

Less than an hour until the Tony-episode starts! Yay for Tony! I say yay because there's no way in hell CBS is going to kill off the guy who brings in 90% of the females ages 10-30 (and a good portion of every other age and gender group, too). Hence, yay! Because more Tony? Always good! And with the flood of H/C fics that is sure to wreck havok on the fandom for the next week or two, I will hold out hope for at least one that isn't Tate. Please, if there is a God, let there be something in "SWAK" that bashes any hope of Tate ever! Please! Even if it's something as craptacularly soap opera-y as them being related, I don't care! (Of course, I'd far prefer Tony professing his undying love for Gibbs and/or Abby, but that's just me.)

Less than HALF AN HOUR now! Which also means less than an hour and half until THE SEASON FINALE OF VERONICA MARS, OH MY FREAKING GOD. Have I mentioned that Daran Norris is on the cast list for the episode? Yay, Cliffie! I love my Cliffie.

I'm watching Malcolm in the Middle to pass the time. It's not working so much as it's not.

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