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Sleep and Crossing Over. Haha, that sounds bad.

Sleep is goooood. I think I'll try that out now. Mebbe.

(Also: Anyone be interested in reading a Veronica Mars/Dark Angel crossover in which Logan Echolls is also Logan Cale? I swear I can make it work in a way far less brain-streching than all those Dark Angel/NCIS crossovers.)

So, anyone? Well screw y'all, I'm doin' it anyway. And Mac will be one of his contacts! And I'll have him have a run-in with Veronica (and maybeprobably Leo and Duncan), and have a slightly surprised Max along for the ride.

I know! Class reunion! 2006 + 15 = 2021. Haha, time loves me.

  • *headdesk*

    I finally get my act together and catch an episode of VM... and it has a monkey sharing the name of my boyfriend. My life? SO WEIRD.

  • *geeks the hell OUT*

    OMG. OMG. Sorry, but OMG.

  • It's a white man's sport.

    I absolutely love The Piz. I want to huggle Dick. Mac and Wallace are awesome. I still want to marry Ken Marino. Criminology professors are dead…

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