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Prom and fics

I'm going to prom with Joe - AS FRIENDS. But I can already tell this won't end well.

Oh, and Nets seems to think Joe and I are dating. Er, what? I can honestly say I do not think of Joe in that manner. Now, his older brother, yes, and his younger brother, slightly, but he himself? Uh no.

But yeah, we're going to prom together as friends, and before the dance we're going to Chuck E. Cheese's, dressed in our prom finery. Hm. Depending on when that deviance paper is due for Psych, I might be able to use that! Or not.

By the way, the best Harry Potter writer on the planet, to me, right now? Marz1 on fanfiction.net. Brilliant stuff, there. I first got pulled in by her HP/Stargate crossover, now I'm on to her AU 3rd year story, which rather rules.

Also: Am still sick.

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