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Spoilers for "Iced".

Grissom: *recites from Romeo & Juliet*
Greg: "Found a condom wrapper!"

God, Vartan. Love Vartan. And Hodges! "The Nose"!

Poor Vartan. Getting stuck with Ecklie for a CSI. Hee. Hee, Vartan! Getting questioned about whether he's married. He's totally fruity, you know it.

And who thought it would be a good idea to question all the 'rents together? And the way Sara just said "So do I" really annoys me, and I dinnae why.

Aw, Catherine and Warrick. I wanted more Greggo and Hodges and Vartan and Nick. Haha, there's cows in the background. And crop circle! *snort*

SuperDave: "I have an idea..." *looks up, Catherine and Warrick stare at him* "...I'll keep it to myself."

Teehee, Greggo! Love you! And your new haircut, veeeeeery cute.

Nicky: "You need to get a girlfriend."
SuperDave: "I'm engaged, but thank you."

Sara: "I'll drive."
Greggo: *whining* "You always do."

HAH! That dude thought Greggo was a jock in college!

"Because I didn't see the need to badmouth the dead. You want the truth? He was an ass."

Hey, isn't SuperDave also allergic to cats? And HAH, Ecklie's body is missing! That's perfect! I love this episode! Someone, write down "Iced" as another A+ episode of season five! ("4x4" and "Hollywood Brass" are also on the list, and probably "Who Shot Sherlock?")

Dude, it's only halfway over. I'm shocked.

Back from commercials, it's SuperDave!

*snort* Nicky's an expert on crop circles. That's awesome. Crop circles and birds, that's our Nicky!

IT'S ARCHIE! I thought he was dead. Or something.

Hey, it's a lab tech! Wasn't he around before? He's cute. Poor guy, keeps getting moved by Ecklie.

*SNORT* Vartan and Robbins arguing, and Robbins getting all sarcastic with poor Vartan's powers of obviousness. Tee.

"It happens. I have a healthy self esteem."
"Good for you."

Great, a Fear Factor-type show, like that Jackass-type thing. And hey, they're talking about stuff I learned in dear ol' Business Law! Whoo! And Catherine... I want to slap her like I want to slap Sara. Grissom's the only one who can deliver stupid lines and make it sound good. Greggo can deliver them, but only in a sort of self-mocking way, like he knows what he's saying sounds lame.

How come my eighth grade class never uncovered any skulls? Sorry, news commercial.

Grissom, to Ecklie: "I love it when you wear your gloves."

Aw, suspect guy has a boyfriend! That's cute!

"I'm in college. A lot of things seem weird to me." I like him. He's cute. And funny.

Greggo: "Yeah, but can you put enough dry ice in Zach's room to raise the level of carbon monoxide in Tripp's room to a lethal level?"
Sara: "Is that a dare?"

I'm betting Tripp's gal did it.

Hey, it's envirotech! I think. Neil, maybe, his name? Hm... Yay, Hodges! And now he's sucking up to Hodges. Yep, his name's Neil! Aw, Hodges and Neil competing. That's cute.

Told ya. Well, it's not technically his 'gal', but I thought that's what she was. RA, same difference. Er, what?

Sara: "Your science was perfect, your instincts... not so good."

Aw, Vartan. You can tell Vartan didn't want to arrest the guy.

*snort* Robbins is double checking the body. Makin' sure it doesn't run off on him again.

Next week: Oh, man. Nicky buried alive equals me very anxious.

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