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Join http://www.avidgamers.com/hearthell! It's a Buffy RPG site, taking place after 7th season. It's run by Jenn.

I play Andrew, but as a bit of a secondary, if not tertiary, character. My main character, the one who I spent a while devoloping a rather wonky history, is Aneirin "Neir" Dagrun.


NAME: Aneirin "Neir" Dagrun
JOB: WiT. That is to say, Watcher-in-Training.
TALENT: Weeell, if you can count turning into a werewolf as a talent...

Aneirin Dagrun, Neir to... everyone, is a rather short, stocky boy with a mess of dirty-blonde hair he hasn't combed in - well, a couple of years at least. His skin is slightly pale, his nose slightly small, but overall rather ordinary. He's got the type of looks that make him blend into the background. Even with his bright purple eyes. If he's noticed for anything, it's his clothes. He dresses like someone fresh out of a sci-fi convention, from black jeans with way too many zippers and chains, to plain glass goggles he refers to as 'nightvision' goggles, to shirts with various geeky sentences.
As a person, Neir classifies himself as chaotic neutral. Good, evil, who really cares if you get some fun out of it? For all of this attitude, he still has some of those "pesky morals". Much to his disappointment.

He's loyal to friends, few he has. Not so much with the family loyalty. He's ambitious, but the type of ambitious where your main goal is to laze around and not have to do anything. Really nothing special, although he does have a habit of saying (and doing) completely random things.

Neir was born one stormy night in England, 14 years ago, to Watcher Grady Dagrun and his wife Cleo. After a couple of happy years growing up pretty much free, Neir's mum ran off with the pool boy. Last he heard, they lived in Florida where she runs a telephone psychic network.

Neir continued on his happy treks into London, harassing the locals, until one rather moon-full night when he got attacked by not entirely natural wolf, ending his father's hopes of Watcher Grady Mark II. Then his father remarried (probably to have a watcher brat). In typical 'evil stepmother' fashion, she brought her own two little brats and pressured Grady into sending his son to a boarding school in Switzerland. Not that he _needed_ pressuring.

Then, on a busman's vacation in New York about a week before he was due to be shipped off, Grady got run over by an erratic driver. His stepmother then disowning him, Neir grabbed Grady’s ATM and credit cards, hopped in a car, and started an impromptu (and slightly illegal) road trip across America. After a bit, lawyers got their claws into him and sent him off to his now legal guardian, Rupert Giles, on a plane (seeing as a fourteen year old driving is illegal, except in North Dakota).


Interesting, ne?

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