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Ramblings about the latest LOCI episode.

That opening seemed kind of familiar, with the "pretending to be in a meeting". Dunno why.

Haha, the camera dude. "It's not mine, Janice." The way he said it was awesome.

Also: Damn, didn't I see this episode of SVU on an episode of CI? *snort* That sounds stupid.

That's interesting. It's usually the gal who ends up dead.

Yay, Eyepatch of Hotness! Why does he sound so sad? That's weird.

Man, those pictures are just laughable. She's totally just making crap up.

Liah, liah, pants on fiah! Stupid Anya. You shouldn't lie to Goren and Eames, they'll get ya.

Yay, mention of Eames' dad! "Johnnie" Eames. I love how he recognized the name Eames instead of the name Goren. That's brilliant.

"After Anya's arr-you're phone's vibrating again." Tee.

Deakins, Deakins, Deakins. I heart you so. The look on his face when Goren starts talking to Frank Adair or whatever his name was - sheer brilliance.

Ouch, biotch. "We can read a clock, sweetpea."

She either skipped town or is dead. I'm betting dead. It'll be more interesting like that!

Mm, that "Race Pack" from Pizza Hut looks awesome. Aw, I love that Target commercial with the puppy dogs.

Hee. I love Deakins, but man, he looks crazy with the one wide open eye and the eyepatch. And hey, Deakins' wife is named "Angie", it seems.

My poor Deakins.

"His is a total lie."
"Hers has just enough truth to be bulletproof."

Haha, I love the biotch's assistant. "She has a lot of turnover."

Eeew, do NOT need that picture. And man, biotch is a total biotch!

"Ah, speculation, how lonely it seems without evidence by it's side."

I love how they just ran down to Baltimore. Beautiful.

Haha, "Both of you are nuts". And hey, Marie's a school librarian? So is my mom! And go Deakins!

Aw, Goren in the background, just looking down at his hands and fiddling about while Eames answers Biotch's question.

Haha, I love Goren. He's awesome. And he just all but groped Frank.

And I love how everyone's staring at Frank. Awesome awesome awesome.

Haha, Frank's threatening GOREN. That's just suicidal, man.

Aw, nice ending. Deakins got the final word for once! Poor guy

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