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Spoilers for "Jump Push Fall", the latest CJ episode.

Man, Henry Winkler's an ass. Made Sidney put his food down. Jerk.

Man, he is an ASS. "Pompous little weasel", indeed.

And Lilly, did you really need to hug him? Hor.

Haha, Sidney. Love you! Love love love yooooooooou!

*snort* Woody. "Wienershnitzel".

JERK. You DO NOT talk to Nigel like that. NEVER. He's NIGEL.

Haha, I thought he called the guy Fonzi, not Hansi. "You know Hans, we have ways of making you talk." The accent he got for that was awesome.


"5,112. I'm not even half done." Man, Garret's done a ton of autopsies in his day!

Aw. But Garret Macy IS a saint, Henry Winkler!

They have a gift shop for the morgue? WTF?

Macy! You're not supposed to be investigating! And- what? You covered it up? What? MACY! No! You're a saint! You couldn't have!

Haha, I love that lady peeking through the curtains behind Sidney, Bug, and Woody. Nice realism.

Go Lilly! You may be a hor, but you're an awesome hor.

*snort* "There's a picture that would make a lot of people happy."

Hey, I totally think I've already seen this high tech tool on CSI already.

"That comes off, you die."
"Welcome to our hell."

Go Woody! You got mad skillz. I bet the kid's a decoy, though. A decoy for a decoy, there's a sort of poeticness in that.

MAAAAACY! Noooooo! I love you, Macy!

Is it bad that I feel sorry for the cop killer kid? I tells ya, I'm totally going to end up with a defense attorney. It's like... what's that fancy word for destiny that I learned once upon a time? Kismet, is that it?

Haha! "We'll do it like the Orient Express, each of us plunge a knife into him-"


WOODY! NO! You did not just get yourself shot, did you? Damn it, Woody!

Commercials. Ew, Alec Baldwin. Adam Baldwin is so much awesomer.

Aw. Woody can't die! He can't! He's Woody! Aw. The quick shot with Sid, Nigel, Bug, and Woody's Kevlar vest.

"So if you had to lose an organ, spleen's a good choice."

Aw. Aaaaaww. Woody. I want to hug you, my boy! "Screw your pity and get out of here." Aw. My boy.

Macy! You are a saint. I told you.

Love all the people standing in the hallway when Macy's leaving.

And they so didn't end it there. Maaaaan.

So now I have choices to make! Do I want to watch the beginning of Stargate season one, or the end of Oz season three? And hey! HBO On Demand starts showing the beginning of Oz season five tomorrow! Sweeeeet.

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