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Lots of new stuff! Whoo!

Firstly... Any of you Coloradans out there ever hear of OPUS? It's this weekend at the Four Points Sheraton in Denver. Looks kind of awesome, mainly for two reasons: One, there's a Harry Potter-type magical school Mini-Con, and two, the sword championship that I'd actually be able to participate in (ages 15-18 are allowed if they've got a waiver). There's also Makoto, which is pretty damn fun (they had it for one of our festival weeks at school).

Second, this fall, on CBS: A law drama with Christian Kane. Mm. I love CBS, have I ever mentioned?

I also have a new character over at WHAT. Everyone, meet Malcolm Rayne, as played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Malcolm is the Sophomore Class President and member of the National Honor Society, and plans to be President of the United States! Whoo! Er, right.


Back in the real world, I went to the doctor this morning. He says I probably have bronchitis. Whoo, bronchial tubes! ...what? Anyway, he gave me two prescriptions. How come it's written 'pre'scriptions but people always pronounce it 'per'scriptions? Or maybe I can't spell. Anyway! One is for these clear little pills that I forgot what they're called but I keep calling them Tesla coils because it sounded kinda like that. They're supposed to supress coughing, but they only work on 50% of people. I bet the other 50% are getting placebos. Or I'm paranoid. The other prescription was for Robutessen (which I KNOW I spelled wrong), only it's the special kind, with codine. Whoo, codine! So I'll be taking that tonight. (It's liquid, icky.) I'd take it now, only my mum, when she was my age, took half the dosage that I'm getting now and was out for three days, and I've got the end of year banquet for rugby tonight so I can't be conked out. I'm going to go take a shower.



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