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Talking about the pronounciation of the word prescription got me thinking about accents. Well, that and Tom Fontana babbling on about it on the commentary for "The Routine" (yes, I'm going back and watching the episodes with commentary on, screw y'all).

This guy, Ryan, who guest spoke for my relationships class, said that in Colorado we don't really have an accent, but we have a sing-song sort of lilt to our words (he was from Chicago). And I realised that that's why I can't stand my voice when I hear it in recordings: I have no accent, butI also have no lilt. I also have this stuttering "Um, um, yeah! Like that!" way of speaking that seems incredibly sycophantic most of the time because I have problems both with verbalizing my thoughts and with fully explaining the things I can verbalize. I just can't seem to figure out that no, what I'm thinking isn't perfectly obvious to everyone else, and yes, I do have to explain even the most simple thing. Grand effect? I end up sounding like a moron.

Of course, it wasn't quite as bad when I was younger. Then I just sounded like an eccentric. I'd talk waaaaaay too fast for anyone to process, skip over words, reverse sentences, and I'd slip into a combination surfer and Southern accent if I was tired or excited. And occasionally have a Chicago or New Yawk accent for no good reason other than I watched too much TV. Ah, childhood.

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