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Spoilers for "Twilight"

First reaction: HOLY CRAP!
Second reaction: Whew, I was worried it would be someone I liked!
Third reaction: Oh, shit, this is going to make a ton of crappy angst fics.

It might be just me, but I never liked Kate. She came off as petty where Tony was amusing, and didn't bring any real investigative skills to the team. Sure, she was a profiler, but that one episode a while back proved that even Tony could fool her, so how good of a profiler she was is arguable.

But aside from the awesome shocking ending, it still ruled. I mean, the Tony/Abby AND Tony/Gibbs was totally there, and the Tony/Kate was all but blown out of the water by both of them even before Kate got killed. I mean, Tony's "She's too smart for that" was sort of awesome. And Abby dreams about Tony! And her! At the zoo! And Tony with no clothes! Hee.

I need to download this and make lots of icons.

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