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Classes: Pass/Fail

Okay, I lied. I'm totally not going to bed right now. Instead, I'll list all of the classes I've passed and all the ones I failed! All classes except Geometry were either taken for one semester (Japanese II) or were semester classes. Italics means I really loved the class/teacher/both.

Expository Writing
Geometry (both semesters)

Introduction to Programming
G/T Seminar
Business Law

World Lit: Science Fiction
Creative Writing
Japanese II
World Religions
Relationships & Marriage

Obviously there's a correlation between my liking a class and doing well in it. Computer classes are an exception because they're basically an auto-A if you show up and behave. I did bad in Sociology due to pure and simple forgetfulness - only the occasional essay, generally due the class after it was assigned - and World Religions was pure and simple overload - faaaaar too many search-and-copy worksheets.

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