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Spoilers for "False-Hearted Judges"

Whoa, creepy dude. Reminds me of whatshisface that Tony had to shoot in "Chained", 'member?

Dude, creepy mean. Poor kids. Hope crazy guy doesn't gun 'em down too. That would suck. Shawn's kinda cute. Ahem. I'm shallow, get over it.

Hey, it's Carver! Hi Carver!

Sweet door. I want one.

Aw, Oliver was kinda cute too. And now he's dead. Sad, sad.

Eames: "Squeezed in there for eight hours, not making a sound... I'd last one, on a good day."

"Red Master bring today". Er, "to bay". Weeeeeeird.

Aw, I love it when Bobby connects with kids. Poor Shawny.

"We took a calculated risk."
"You need a new calculator."

Whee, lean! Love the lean.

Haha, pit the man between his family and his gang. Well, dude's no Vern Schillinger, I'll give him that. Whether it's a good thing or not... *shrug* Actually, dude looks a bit like Beecher, back in season one.

I love all the background groups gathering and chittering in the background, it's beautiful. And "Tiberdow", or whatever, sounds like "Rebadow". I know, I know, I'm reaching, but dude. I watched two Mothership episodes today, and the first had Morales, the second had Murphy, and TBJ right after that had Alvarez. It's Oz-irific today, man. CI, of course, has Shirley, but that's too simple.

Haha, both of them peering through their hand circles. Nice.

We call 'em Quivering Aspens? We call them ANYTHING? Whatev, man, whatev.

What part of the papers you readin', Carver? And if it was in the papers, wouldn't one of you know it? Or do you, like, not read the papers?

And haha, Goren digging the garden! Hee.

*snort* Buffalo postcard! Bet it's from a disgruntled former Smoky Hill student.

Oh, damn. Rocky Mountains getting the bad rap.

Haha, "no wits". That's nice. I like that. Witness are now wits. Totally and truly.

Uh, he wants to burn down the big court-y place? Figuratively or literally? And do I care, unless he gets close to his goal? Not so much.

Haha, I love this. 1200 suspects. Love it love it love it. I also love how Goren looked up the berries.

Haha, "corner bodega". Something about that combo amuses me. "Bodega" amuses me, for that matter.

Dude, what was it that Goren said? I don't understand it, maaan.

"1990's POS, piece of-"
"Got it."

What is Goren dragging? This has gotta be good. Hee, it's a Radio Flyer! And they're pretending to be a couple again! And Goren's pretending to have a son and being divorced, love it.

Ooh, Goren manhandling a guy! How cute! And I love his outfit, I mean... Mm.

And did that computer screen read BADS? Yeah, it did. Haha, love it.

And now Goren's psychomanipulating him! I love psychomanipulation. Whether that means manipulation of psyche or psychos is up to you.

Yay, Deakins! And I just realised that he's no longer Patch the One Eyed Wonder! But he's got the cutest eyes, have you noticed?

*snort* "An Army of Two". Brill, brill.

Storing guns in a guitar case, I'll have to try that some time. I mean, uh, what? Who, me? You've got to have the wrong person, man! I was fraaaaaamed.


Creepy dad. Creeeeeepy. Son's kind of creeeepy too.

And whee, I bet they staked the place out!

"Don't have any guns." *pause* "Sir." Kid's respectful, I like that.

Hee, palsy! Sorry. Any mention of the word palsy on LOCI is gonna make me grin.

Whee, Carver solo scene! Not technically solo, but not with the others of the Core Four, so it counts.

Oooh, NICE.

I almost feel sorry for teenage psycho.


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