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Post No Good Deed

Man, I could KILL Pietro! Grr!

The only thing I have to say in his defense is that he never intended foranyone to get hurt. And he does care about Wanda, at least. More then he cares about his father going "poof". And now, a rant.

WHERE THE HELL WAS JAMIE?! He only showed up once, as a back-shot of his head in the Brotherhood-X Men standoff with Kelly! I mean, the other X-Geeks were everywhere, but where was Jamie? I mean, we're used to the Aclytes disappearing for a couple episodes, but not one of the few remaining New Mutants. I know Bobby's taken Spyke's place, so I'm cool with that, but to include Ray, Sam, and Amara, with only a quick backshot of Jamie? What the hell?

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