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NCIS 1x07 - "Sub Rosa"

*snort* I love this episode.

McGee: Oh, this isn't good.
Tony: What?
McGee: Isopropelmethophosphonelflourate. [Off Tony's look] BS in Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins. You?
Tony: ...Ohio State, phys ed. I was a jock. What is that in my language?

Steward: [Enters with tray of ice cream.] Courtesy of the skipper, sir, m'am. There's rocky road, cookies'n'cream, chocolate, butter pecan, and the captain's personal favorite... pumpkin.
Gibbs: Pumpkin?
[Steward makes a "Who knows?" sort of gesture.]

[After torpedoing a sarin gas laden carcass into the ocean.]
Gibbs: CoB, I don't have to tell you what the most important thing is now, do I?
CoB: Getting the ice cream back in the freezer.
Gibbs: Exactly.

Tony: Nice hat. They make you the boat mascot?
Kate: Haha. This is your way of telling me how much you missed me, isn't it?
Tony: No.

[McGee leaves Tony standing by the elevator, mouth open.]
Kate: I wonder what he said to make Tony speechless.
Gibbs: He told him he got a tat on his ass.

According to a selector quiz I just took, this is, in order, my likeness with each character:
Which is interesting, because my mom says that I'm a lot of Kate mixed with a bit of McGee. Whose name I keep pronouncing as McG in my mind.

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