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So, as I kick back and sip my frothy orange juice and giggle over the picture of Christian Kane in TV Guide's little pull out "Into the West" guide (seriously! Dude's got pigtail braids! At least it explains the stupid haircut), I figured I'd inform y'all about the coming weeks.

- I am officially a high school drop out. Haha, that sounds bad. But it just means that I am no longer a Smoky Hill High School student.

- Tonight is the first Teen VOICE meeting in MONTHS. Seriously! I hope Curtis, Kayleigh and Malloree show up, I want them to sign my yearbook! And the others, of course, but Curtis, Kayleigh and Malloree are definitely my bestest friends there.

- My mom and I leave June 10th. Aka, in about ten days.

- I might be incommunicado June 19th-29th. I should have Net access, but I might not use it that much, since I've got the whole program thing to do.

- I'll then be even more incommunicado from June 29th-July 7th, as I'll be in rural Maryland with only a dial-up connection.

- July 7th-17th I'll be back at a program in D.C. Although I might be in touch during the first program, this one will probably need more research, since we're putting on a mock trial and all.

- After that, we'll probably drive back to Colorado. Or we might stick around in rural Maryland for a while and then head back.

- August 15th, I start school.

Oh, and at some point during all this, I'll be in Florida helping clean my great-uncle's house and get it ready to be sold.

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