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Episode Hypothesises

Alright, WB's released the names of the rest of the episodes of season 4. So, I shall now hypothesize on what will happen in the eps!

* “Target X” -- written By Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost.
Well, we know what this episode's about.

* “Sins of the Son” -- story by Kyle, Boyd Kirkland and Johnson, written by Marsha F. Griffin.
"Sins of the Son". Do I sense Pietro? Probably not. I mean, another Brotherhood episode one after "No Good Deed"? But then, what is it referring to? I mean... "Sins of the Son", refers to a bad son, but who else fits anything like that, unless it's the 20th new character of the season...

* “Uprising” -- story by Johnson, Kirkland and Kyle, written by Bob Forward.
I'm guessing an Apoc-related storyline. Or Morlocks. Or something like that.

* “Cajun Spice” -- story by Kirkland and Johnson, written by Michael Merton and Greg Johnson.
Gee, I wonder... Could it be a Romy episode? But of course!

* “Ghost of a Chance” -- written by Johnson.
..."Ghost of a Chance". The "Chance" part puts me in mind of Wanda, and her probability-increasing hexes. Probably nothing to do with it, though.

* “Ascension – Part One” -- story by Kirkland, Kyle and Johnson, written by Johnson.
* “Ascension – Part Two” -- story by Kirkland, Kyle and Johnson, written by Johnson.
Obviously, an Apocep. Maybe Sinister'll show as well, which would be insanely creepy-cool.

BTW, Apocep means Apocalypse episode. Apocep is just easier on my poor ickle fingers.

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