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Play-by-play of the finale of Scripps Spelling Bee

YES! All three of my top faves made it into Round 09! There's 94 and 97, of course, and also #238, who I totally forgot until he popped up again. He's so adorable! He's eleven, and this is his THIRD time at Scripps! He tied for third place the first time he came. When he was NINE. Jeez. #146 is pretty cool, too.

Look at the written round: http://www.spellingbee.com/05bee/rounds/writtenRoundWords.html
How many of you can honestly say you'd make it past #12? 'Cause I sure as hell couldn't.

Behind the cut: Proof that I suck at spelling! And that I'm a total loser!

Now, I guess! And then the real spelling.
nyssa // nisse (kid guessed the same as me!)
ardelatious // argillaceous (kid got it right)
torrentical // torrenticole (#94 got it wrong, dang it. Love her accent, though)
leverate // levirate (and #97 gets kicked out, using my pronunciation)
acroycite // achroacyte (kid got it right)
cancrozanze // cancrizans (kid was cute! She was all "Whatever!" when he read it out. Got it wrong, though)
raehonithore // rejoneador (kid somehow got it right)
estiphet // estafette (kid got it right!)
nouternou // notturno (#146 got it right!)
proneousse // pronaos (he got it right! And I swear he knew it right off)
rougattiform // rhagadiform (OMG, she got it right!)
senecthrin // synechthran (kid has -on instead of -an)
pariced // perissad (kid got it wrong)
forrageneous // farraginous (#238 got it right!)

Ten left. 3 girls/7 boys. Youngest left is eleven (that's my #238!) and oldest is fourteen.

trystacheus // tristachyous (got it right!)
ortheverie // orfevererie (got it right!)
rechiaerie // retiary (got it wrong)
Piepsian // Pepysian (wrong. And now all kids on stage have been at the bee at least once before)
zuuav // zouave (got it right!)
periselene // paraselene (dang, I almost got it! And she did)
laetrol // laetrile (#146 got it wrong, but she can come back next year. And she's been here four times already, what?)
shnecka // schnecke (he got it right!)
atouffe // etouffee (she got it wrong)
collacist // cholecyst (#238 got it right! He's so cute! With his "If that's the word I think it is, I know it!)

Hey, is that Bobby Edner in that Meteos Nintendo DS commercial? ...probably not. Anyway! Round 11! Six left, man! These kids is too damn smart. 2 girl/4 boys.

shuplerra // schefflera (he got it right!)
domra // domra (we both got it right! Go girls!)
plumisaire // plumassier (he got it right!)
roupecaprynne // rupicaprine (poor stuttering type, with her "Maybe, like, from capra, meaning goat or something?", she got it wrong. I'm pretty sure the definition type word was chammi, too)
sarang // serang (his little brother is cute! He got it wrong)
jousteau // giusto (#238 got it right! Go them!)

Round 12! Four left. 1 girl/3 boys.

ornitheranceous // ornithorhynchous (he got it right, the crazy kid!)
gallopot // gallipot (she got it right!)
muecetinatious // mucedinaceous (he got it right!)
lokedic // lochetic (#238 got it right! He's such a cutey! With his cry of "YES!")

Round 13! Four left. 1 girl/3 boys.

aegeo // agio (he got it right!)
brunisem // brunizem (she got it right!)
tauntineer // tontiner (he got it right!)
ontricoate // entrecote (he got right! "Yeah, I do get all the French words." SO CUTE!)

Round 14, same as before, a little bit longer and a little worse. (Second verse, same as the first, a little bit longer and a little bit worse. Only not.)

anleote // agnolotti (hee, he was cute too! And the girl giggled at him. He got it right)
nopolree // nopalry (she got it right! And thanked her mom!)
odellyic // odylic (he got it wrong, two 'l's. Poor kid)
acaryote // akaryote (he got it right! Yay #238!)

Round 15! Three left. 1 girl/2 boys. Championship words, maaaaaan. Four decades since co-champions, might happen now! First time ever going to championship words with three spellers left. SOOOO AWESOME! I'm seeing history, here, people!

pekade // peccavi (he got it right!)
canotist // canitist (she got it right!)
onomaceologic // onomasiologic (he got it right! YAY #238!)

Round 16!

seronograph // ceraunograph (he got it right!)
emmenentissimo // eminentissimo (she got it right!)
onocaphage // onychophagy (HE GOT IT RIGHT! AND HE GUESSED THE DEFINITION!)

Round 17!

exochossis // exsiccosis (the 's' fell off of the 'Scripps'! HEE! He got the word right, too!)
epideictic // epideitic (she got it right, and so did I! And it figures I get the one about rhetoric right)
subornost // sobornost (YAY #238!!!!!!)

Round 18! Last year, the winner was crowned three rounds ago! These kids been studying, man!

odiurnal // hodiernal (he got it right!)
truvye // trouvaille (she got it wrong. Missed the the end -le)
rouchian // roscian (hee, to the girl shushing her mom! And he got it wrong, aw)

apodgetourre // appoggiatura (HEE! He got girl screams! That's so cute! And he got it right!)

Congrats, Anurag Kashyap! And Samir Patel, you've got two more years to try, buddy! I'll be rooting for you next year! (That's #238, by the way.)

This would be why I dropped out of Spelling Club after first quarter in sixth grade. That and I almost hamstrung myself by swinging my feet backwards into the basket under the chairs whenever it was my turn to spell. (Actually, if I remember correctly, I was pretty good in Spelling Club! They only did moderate words, and I read too much for my own good. I was the only one who could spell 'chasm' that first meeting. And in fourth grade I finished 15th out of the entire school! Damn good for a seven year old, methinks.)

But hey, I got two right! Domra and epideictic. That's a championship word right there!

I wonder if there's a Vocabulary Bee. I might actually be able to work that. Y'know what? Screw this knowledgelessness! I'm downloading those word guides off of Scripps's website and I am STUDYING. Screw the fact that I'm too old for the Bee, I can watch it next year and not be totally embarrassed.

(Also: LJ redflagged every single word. This amuses me.)

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