Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,


DUDES. I'm rooting for Tommy Tutone or the Knack to win tonight's Hit Me Baby One More Time (HMBOT). Since not only do I love each of their hits, I also love the other song they're singing! I especially love that I'm going to be able to hear "My Sharona" (of course, NBC still cancelled Hawaii. Bastards) AND "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?"!

Oh, right. I was going to tell y'all that I'm leaving yooooooooooou! for a road trip, yo! Starting tomorrow morning.

And why on Earth was I in love with the band 5ive when I was in fourth grade? Like, seriously? It's freaking bizarre.

Well, I'm going to finish watching "School's Out" (the last episode of 21JS's second season), then I'm going to watch HMBOT, then I'll probably watch me some Law & Order from the dream-team season, yo.

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