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**~Long Survey~** (w/ good grammar and decent, unique questions)

Created by donttalktome and taken 11806 times on bzoink!

The Basics and Some Personals
Name:Lee. Or Meagan. Or Meggie or Leo, but only by certain types!
Shoe Size:11 in womens, 9 in mens
Weight:Way too much (more than 200lbs, we'll leave it there)
Pants Size:22/24, I think?
Shirt Size:XL, but I prefer XXL (more room)
Innie or Outie?Innie
Love Questions
Are you in Love?No
Are you single or taken?Single
If single, for how long?All my freakin' life, except that year I date David-the-geek in elementary school.
If taken, for how long?-
If taken, by whom?-
Do you like guys or girls?Guys
What do you think about Sporty guys?Which sport? Tennis and golf guys are kinda cute, and some rugby guys.
Smart?Love smart guys.
Dorky?Eeeh... Depends on the type and intensity of dorkiness.
Popular?Sure. I don't discriminate based on whether or not he's well-liked.
Your Favorites
Kind of Food:I have no idea. Chik-Fil-A.
Song:"New World" from the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack
Band:The Living End
Singer:Cowboy Troy
CD:The Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Let's Face It
Kind of Music:Country
Place to be?D.C.
Vacation spot:D.C.
Actor:Michael Weatherly. Or Christian Kane. Or Adam Baldwin.
Actress:Kathryn Erbe.
Comedian:Mudflap! Steve McGraw, whatev.
Soap Opera:Days of Our Lives
Day Time Talk Show:I seriously don't watch any.
Game Show:Jeopardy!
All Around Favorite Show:Right now, 21 Jump Street.
Restaurant:Chik-Fil-A probably doesn't count. Okay, Texas Roadhouse.
Word:epideictic. Because it's totally a championship level word that I spelled right.
Your Short Opinion on..
George W. Bush:Unlike most of the people reading this, I don't hate the man. I just don't think he's the best guy to lead us.
Gay Marriage:All for it!
Rocketing Gas Prices:I don't drive, so I don't care!
Minimum Wage ($6.75):I don't work, so I don't care!
Drunk Driving:I think that if someone drives drunk, they should be taken a hundred miles away from their house and stranded there with no money and have to walk back.
Legal Driving Age:I've had my permit for half a year and have driven all of two hours. I don't much care.
Anorexia:Stupid. I'm as big as a cow, you don't see me sticking my finger down my throat so I can look like a model.
Mary-Kate and Anorexia:I thought she was bullemic? OUT OF MY HEAD, HOLLYWOOD!
Lindsay Lohan (18) and her 23-year-old boyfriend:...so?
Young Marriages:It'd be better if they waited, but I'm not against it or anything.
Young Parents:See above.
Pregnency without a Marriage:If they can support a kid, go for it.
Telemarketers:Fun to screw with, the poor people.
Pop Quizzes:Bring my grades up! Whoo!
This Survey:Not bad.
Label Your Friends!
Loudest:Tom on politics, war, or the military
Quietest:Sam (Janik)
Nicest:The Midget
Person who doesn't think before they speak:Joe (aka JoAnne)
Annoying:All of 'em. Okay, probably Jenn.
Popular or has best chance of becoming popular:Nets
Best Dressed:Tom
Worst Dressed:Joe
Selfish:Joe, maybe
Ungrateful:Joe, maybe
Social Butterfly:Jenn, only in the "loser" way.
Will be crowned Most Likely to Succeed by their class:No one in my circle, hah. Maybe Tom or Midgetor.
This or That
Christmas/ThanksgivingChristmas (or Thanksgiving, if it's back east)
Out with Friends/Out with FamilyOut with Friends (family if it means the cousins)
Last Questions about the Survey
Did you like the survey?It was alright.
Would you reccomend it to a friend?Eh.
Where will you put your results?LJ.
Thanks for coming...Whatev.

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