Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Sleep is good for the soul. Or something.

I have decided that now would be a brilliant time to go to bed, seeing as it is four in the morning. Which works, because I didn't get up until nearly six in the evening yesterday. Because me and my cousins stayed up until dawn watching 21 Jump Street.


On the bright side, I have convinced them that Penhall and Hanson totally have the hots for each other. And Kirsten totally fell for Ioki, like I knew she would. And Kari has agreed that the two of us should be the McQuaids for Halloween. She'll be the Johnny Depp type, I'll be the Peter DeLuise type. But of course, we're girls, so we'll be the McQuaid sisters instead of brothers. (Kirsten and Kari decided it would be Tammy and Dawn McQuaid instead of Tommy and Doug, because we couldn't come up with a really good female version of Doug.)
Tags: 21js

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