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GWU, Day One!

What follows is the 5-page documentation of my first day at George Washington University. Enjoy! (And by the way, ninety percent of it is me writing about this cute guy I met. Just a warning. Or enticement. If you only want to read that bit, scroll down to the ninth or so paragraph. You'll see it.)

I’m typing this while attempting – ATTEMPTING – to log onto AOL from the land line in my room. My roommate’s in the lounge in the basement watching Old School. I would have probably hung out there too (for lack of anything better to do), but we’ve got to get up at 715 (well, breakfast’s from 715 till 745, and then we take a shuttle (whoo) to the Foggy Bottom campus, and it’s already 2240.

Also, I have switched to military time because normal time is too boring, and I don’t like typing the colon. So there.

My alarm is set at 630, which gives me forty-five minutes to get up, get dressed, and get my butt over to Ames Dining Hall, where I’m assuming we’re having breakfast. Shoot, I’ll just ask one of the kids I was hanging with earlier.

The program’s at the Mount Vernon campus, which is incredibly hilly and in the middle of nowhere. We walked a good ten minutes to get to a Safeway and pharmacy, for cryin’ out loud! They also had a pizzeria, and we were going to see if they deliver, but then we noticed it said “and clam bar”, and decided that noooo, maybe not.

And it’s official. I will be as much of a slob at college as I am at home. Seriously. You do not want to see the state of my room right now. But the dorm is huge, and the shared bathroom is nice, and I’m thinking about sleeping in my closet because it’s so huge. And good times were had by all! Plus, the library and 24 hour computer lab are right across from us. But curfew is in fifteen minutes, so I’m not going to bother going over there.

Now, the best part: the people!

My roommate is named Dalia, she’s from Cairo (sweet!). She’s kind of sort of prissy (she’s got this huge row of different hair stuff and lotions on the top of her dresser), but not too bad. She’s nice, and she played football, so she’s not frou-frou or anything. She also wasn’t one of the morons who bought lasagna and Easy Mac at Safeway; she just got drinks and a box of Fruit Loops, which… yum.

Brian’s pretty cool, but a total geek. Reminds me a bit of TJ from GT Seminar looks-wise. We sat at the same table together for lunch this morning, but he was mostly hanging out with Sam, who is also the only other Coloradan at the program. Brian’s from South Carolina, which became evident a few times.

The RAs are pretty awesome. Meghan, I don’t know, she’s more of a TA. Plus, I think she’s with the Photojournalism peoples. Russet, though, is awesome. She’s from Houston, so make of that what you will. The other RA is Ian, and dude is damn fast. Kieran kept trying to tackle him during football, and Kieran was the only one who ended up on the ground.

Kieran, ah, Kieran. He’s like Zach, only with goals! And things in common with me! And Irish! Seriously, his name is Kieran O’Connor. He lives in rural Ohio (seriously rural, about fifty people rural), and is home schooled. Has three siblings, an older sister, a sister who is younger by a year, and a brother who’s about 14. He’s upstairs. But yeah, he’s awesome. He has a non-digital 35mm camera that he calls “his baby”, he’s been cow-tipping, he actually did the scavenger hunt thing they gave us this morning because he was here early, he’s super-duper tall but walks as slow as I do (or he was walking that slow just to stay back with me, which is even better), he took Irish dancing for nine years and stopped because he has a bad knee, he constantly throws doubles in Monopoly, he doesn’t really like sports unless they’re interesting, he thinks rugby is cool, he’s funny, he actually laughs at things I say, and we just get along awesomely. I mean, we met after the “picnic” (we were sitting at different tables for that), so around… 1300 or so. By the time we started the ropes course at 1415 or so, this girl asked us, “Did you guys know each other before this?”

And the amusing thing is, I didn’t even set out to befriend him. Actually, when we were doing the introductions during lunch, I thought he was kind of weird (he’s got almost shoulder length straight-straight hair). But then, when I was walking over to the Academic Building with everyone else, I was sort of walking on my own and overheard this girl. I thought I heard her say “CI” (as in LOCI), so I subconsciously paid more attention. Then I heard her say that her favorite was Munch, but that she loved that old guy, you know, the one who died. So I turned around and said, “Briscoe”. So then I walked with the two of them, and these two other guys came up and we talked about how TNT was like the Law & Order channel now, and how they hook you in so you end up watching it for like five hours without realizing it. And I was thinking that the main talker, this boy named Jonathan, was pretty cute. At some point, Kieran joined us.

Then, when we got to the building, we had to hang out for a while as they got ready for us. So our group of six just hung around loosely, then Jonathan and the other guy started talking about sports, and one of the girls was on her cell, and the other girl drifted away, so Kieran and I started chatting. And then, when we got into the room, I just chose a seat randomly, resisting my urge to follow him like a puppy dog, and he sat down next to me. Of his own volition. I was happy!

After we went through all that, we went to the low ropes course. Which I was late to, because the key to my dorm doesn’t actually work, so me and Dalia were locked out. When we got there, me and Dalia stood on the fringes of the group (I was tempted to walk over to where Kieran was, in the middle, but again, I’m trying to avoid puppy-dog-ism), and he waved at me and did a sort of shrug that asked me where I had been, so I yelled across that we had been locked out.

Anyway, before we did the low ropes course (which actually had no ropes), we did this “Sit-Squat-Stand” activity, where you start off sitting, paired off with someone, and rock-paper-scissors them. If you win, you get to squat, and go find someone else who is squatting. Win that one, you get to stand, and find someone else who is standing. Win that, and you win the game, and get to go over to the sidewalk area. Lose at any point, and you go back to sitting. I paired off with Kieran first, won, then another girl, and won, and then Brian, and won! So I went off to the side, a good minute before anyone else.

Unfortunately, Kieran has terrible luck at rock-paper-scissors, and was still squatting when they called the end to the activity, as the winners’ side was about equal to the side of those still playing. Then we got into two groups, and each group had to line up in alphabetical order. Trick is, had to do it blind and mute. So both groups wound up way screwed up.

Then the groups separated and went to different low ropes courses. My Kieran-less group did the “Potomac Crossing”, which involved everyone standing on this one tiny box-thing, then using these two short boards to get across to a even tinier middle box, then again to a box bigger than the middle one but smaller than the first. Everyone had to get across and be standing on the last one. But we couldn’t even get everyone on the first one, and we overran the time limit, so I didn’t (thank God) have to cross.

We then joined with the other group. Literally. We had to form a huge circle (seriously, huge, there’s about forty kids here) and join hands. And then pass two hula hoops all the way around. When he found this out, Kieran yelled “Oh come on, I’m WAY too big for that!” And sure enough, when it got around to him and he tried to get through, he almost got stuck. He had gotten one leg through, and one arm and his head, and it almost got stuck. It was hilarious.

We then had a nice pause to drink down a Gatorade, during which I sat next to Kieran on a bench. Then we hiked back up to the dorm (which happens to be at the very top of the hill, and everything else is more towards the bottom), put some stuff away (me and Dalia got into our room through our neighbor’s room, thanks to the shared bathroom), and then an optional trip to Safeway/CVS Pharmacy. I came downstairs a second after the group left, so I jogged after them. And then I heard the RAs behind me saying the same thing they had to me, that the group had just left, so turn over there, and who is it? Why, it’s Kieran! We even have the same sense of time.

So we hike down (seriously, it’s at least a mile, probably more) to Safeway and CVS. We pop into CVS first, and I find out that Kieran has never been to a Safeway before, or heard of one. So we went over there. Then we still had ten minutes, so we walked a bit further and checked out the little strip mall, which had the pizzeria and clam bar. Weird Easterners.

Total list of things we bought at the two places:
Me – A box of Hi-C juice boxes, a Sobe Power drink, a water bottle, and a box of Butter Lover’s popcorn.
Kieran – A bottle of root beer, a bottle of Pepsi, a Crunch bar (which, YAY! No one else I know likes them), a package of Double Stuf Oreos, and a bottle of sparkling apple cider. And he’s going to share the Oreos with me because he says there’s no way he’ll eat that many Oreos in ten days.

He also mentioned, when he grabbed the Pepsi, that he just couldn’t drink Coke. I was all, I know! It tastes like day-old Pepsi! And he was all, exactly! I have never met anyone else who thinks the same. Most of my friends love Coke.

Anyway, then we headed back, and surprisingly did not collapse from heat and exhaustion. Kieran was a gentleman, though, and carried some of the bags for these two girls who had bought tons of food. Then we went back to the dorm to store food and found out we had free time until 1800, when dinner started. So I headed down to the lounge in the basement, where Kieran already was, and we sort of sat there. Then we noticed this box on the table, which happened to be GW Opoly! Like Monopoly, only with places from GWU and DC.

So me, Kieran, Brian, this other guy, and these two other girls started playing while sort-of watching Law & Order on the TV in there. Unfortunately, we had to put it on pause to go to dinner.

Dinner was nice. I had a salad, two chicken legs, and some ravioli (which wasn’t so hot). Sat in a booth with Kieran, Ian, Farid (the other Egyptian kid), and the other really tall guy, who I think is in Photojournalism. After we ate (which took a third of the time they gave us), we headed back to the lounge. Eventually everyone but the third boy showed up, so we added in the friend of one of the girls and finished our game. Brian pretty much won, since he had over three thousand dollars.

Then we had to get a seminar on “Community Living”, where we also got free stuff (in complete: a shirt, a Frisbee, a water bottle, a pencil, and stickers) and had to fill out an application for our GWorld card (which we’re getting tomorrow morning). Then it was time for group activities! Ian and Russet hadn’t actually planned anything, outside of a vague idea for speed dating, so they asked for suggestions.

What happened was we ended up playing football. And yes, I actually played. Well, hung around yelling, “Do they have the ball now? What’s happening? What? Huh?” Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one. Actually, most of the people on the field had no idea what was going on. It was also dark, and there weren’t really lights on the soccer field, so no one could see. And no one could catch or throw at first, so it was awesome.

Then things starting getting into gear, and our main goal became this – tackle Ian. Dude was scary fast, and can dodge like nobody’s business. Kieran decided to make it his life’s goal to knock the RA over. Of course, Kieran ended up in the dirt each time without even touching Ian. I just had to start giggling after a while. At one point, he actually took out a girl on our team when he fell.

Before we started playing, though, Kieran, myself, and two girls were down by the field waiting for everyone to come back from the dorm and for Ian to show up with the ball (actually, at this point, we thought we were playing soccer). We took all the stuff out of our pockets, and took our shoes off (it’s an Astroturf field), and we had them all placed on this board on the side. This girl was hesitant about leaving her phone there, and so we joked about someone just wandering up and grabbing the board with all our stuff on it.

Then Ian showed up with a football, a Nerf football, two Frisbees, and two tennis balls, and me and Brian were throwing around a Frisbee that Ian had grabbed. Brian would throw it to me; I would throw it in Brian’s general area and hit someone. Seriously, every single time I threw the Frisbee, I hit someone. Then Kieran starting throwing tennis balls at me. Then we all started playing football.

Then we headed back to the dorm, Cole Hall, where I am now. Pretty much all else I did was take a shower. Also watched the end of an American Dad episode in the lounge, but when they switched it to basketball I decided to leave. As did every other girl in there. It was hilarious. At some point later, I went back down – I actually think I maybe went there, then the shower, then back. Hung out there for a couple of minutes, watching basketball, then they decided to watch Old School on this one guy’s laptop. Kieran headed up to his room, listening to Flogging Molly. We said see ya in the stairwell, and agreed to meet at breakfast.

And yes, I realize I have written 2500 words about my day. Most of them about Kieran. Haha. It’s just that this morning, at Aunt Martha’s, and driving here, it all seems so far away. And I almost wouldn’t mind every day being just like this one, and the fact that we’re ALSO going to be doing crime and law related stuff… brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Tomorrow, we’re going to the Foggy Bottom campus to get our GWorld cards (basically, identification), then we’ve got a nice day of Crime Scene Photography! Ooh, aah. I doubt my little spy camera’s up to the task, but I might as well bring it, right?

But seriously. Kieran is like, the perfect guy for me. For all the reasons I listed above. I’m going to bring my camera out and about tomorrow, so I’ll hopefully get some pictures of him.

But first, I need to clean this puppy off. I’ve only got sixteen minutes left of memory. After that, it’s bed for me. It’s now 2355. I get up in less than seven hours.

Also, random other occurrence: While walking back to Cole Hall at one point, Brian was babbling and screwed up what he was saying, so I went “English speak good, do we?” and he pointed out that’s actually the proper way to say it, which Kieran didn’t believe, so I pointed out the subject-verb order. And then he said something like “You shut up,” and Brian and I laughed at him for speaking proper again. ‘Twas awesome.

Oh, and he’s read the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy. Got stuck on Ultimatum, though.

Like I said, perfect!

And now, free time! Because I sure as hell ain't doing whatever "FUN!" thing Ian and Russet got planned for us. Heeeeeeeeeeeell no. Last I heard, it was going to be a basketball game. My ass.

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