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Pictures from forensics camp!

First up, my homeboys Josh and Brian. AKA, the two guys I hang with the most and eat every meal at the same table with. Josh is first (yes, he always wears sunglasses), Brian's second (the one from South Carolina, if you skipped my 5-page entry a few days ago):

More behind the cut.

Farid, the Egyptian who isn't my roommate, whom I also hang with. Went and saw Batman Begins with him (and Brian, and Josh), actually:

Harrison, the fairly cute somewhat juvenile delinquent who is the only one who can match me in hours spent in the 24 hour lab:

What's-'er-name, one of the two Photojournalist girls I hang with sometimes. Not the one who played Have You Ever and Truth or Dare, the other one. Nice girl, who laughs at pretty much everything:

My roomie Dalia, in the midst of finishing her breakfast while in class (Documentation & Diagramming) this morning, and in the lobby before our trip to Georgetown:

A dark, blurry picture of Kieran in the lobby before the Georgetown trip, and him doing what he does best - drinking coffee while pretending to pay attention to spiral search patterns:

My teacher, Jeff Miller, who's actually been on TV (he was featured on one of CourtTV's programs) and who bears an odd resemblance to Deakins on LOCI. First picture is him trying to get his computer to work (slightly blurry because he doesn't stand still for long), second is him either teaching or fanning himself with a piece of paper:

Random shots of the class:


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