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More pictures, this time from bowling!

We went bowling over at the Hippodrome this afternoon, after going to the Smithsonian and listening to Dr. Ubelaker, one of the leaders in forensic anthropology, speak. What follows are some of the far too many pictures I took of the bowling, plus some never-before-seen pictures of Katie (one of the photo girls I hang with, the one who I played Truth or Dare with, the other one is named Brittany) and Rachel (the whore photo girl I dislike). Those are further down, though.

First up, the comedic bowling styles of Brian! Me and him played the same lane, no one else played with us. We're unpopular! Us poor Carolinians. Except it probably ain't that, since Amy from Greensboro and no problem finding people to bowl with. Maybe it's just Law & Evidence Carolinians who have popularity dysfunctions. But anyway, just look at Brian's feet! It's scary!

Now, look at my foot in a bowling shoe!

More behind the cut.

Rachel, the whore girl. First looking sad as she sucks at bowling, then an actual shot of her face. She's in the lane to the right of me and Brian.

Ian bowling two lanes down on our left. See, I told you he was fast!

Brian has just dropped his ball and had it roll backwards. On the right is Jonny Ten-Fingers, as they call him. Formerely known as Jonathan, this name change came about back when we were doing fingerprinting, and he decided to fill out the "alias" section of our ten-print cards.

Now, Katie! AKA, girl who dodged photos earlier.

Harrison looking a tad ridiculous while bowling.

Kieran bowling damn good. I guess there's nothing better to do in Ohio.

A shot of the lane to our right, where Rachel, Kieran, and Jonny Ten-Fingers all are. (Jonny's the guy closest to the camera.)

A shot of my beautiful scoreboard, complete with strikes!

And last but not least, a shot of us all on the shuttle ride back, with all forty of us crammed on a twenty-five seater, and none of us being allowed to stand due to safety reasons.

And man, Russet looks pissed now. Probably because all of five people showed up for our Lincoln's Assassination movie. I mean, hell, I didn't!

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