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Farewell, GW, I shall miss thee!

Anywhosawhatsit, it's almost time for the farewell picnic. Kieran, Heena, and I are hanging in the computer lab because we got bored of the photo exhibit. I mean, it was cool, awesome pictures, but we didn't need an hour and a half to look at all the pictures, right?

I'm all packed now, except for the handful of stuff that I got this morning. A certificate saying I went to this course, a little booklet from the photo exhibit, a CD of all the pictures he took and all the Powerpoint presentations he showed us, and a Fairfax County Police patch that I'm totally putting on a jacket.

The Nats game ruled, completely and totally. We had to leave at the bottom of the eighth, and then ride a bus for an hour back to the Safeway by campus, then walk from there, but it was still awesome. I'll post pictures of it all later.

The trial was also so much fun. Especially when Sam, our footwear examiner, took the stand. She was hilarious. Jeff kept asking her the seemingly stupid questions that defense attorneys would ask in real life, and she responded like she thought he was being an idiot. Then he asked what foot was the print she cast made from, and she paused a second and said right foot. He asked how she knew this. She said, "Because I thought about it!" He looks at it and says, "Looks like a left foot to me!" She responds, that's because it's flipped. He says again that it look like a a left foot, so she puts it up, facing us, then pulls her right foot up next to it and says, "Look!" 'Twas awesome.

Anyway, it's past noon, so I better head over to the quad. After I finish Googling my teacher, of course! And I'm wondering who else's numbers I should get, I've already got Brian, Josh, Brittany, and Katie's cell numbers.

Also, for when I can download the songs: http://www.cyphertext.net/escapekey/songs.html

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