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Leaving in about nine hours for National Student Leadership Conference, Law & Advocacy. I'm partially excited, and partially worried that it's going to be totally clique-ish and I'm going to find no one who loves Law & Order. Weird worries, but there ya go.

I should at least find folks to hang with, with some similar interests, like I did at GW. It might be a bit odd if I found people with the exact same interests as mine. Eerie, even.

I'm kind of excited about learning more about law. Unlike forensic science, which I've covered most of the surface of through my vast collection of books on the subject, most of my experience with law is from most of one semester of Business Law and many watchings of Law & Order. So I'll hopefully learn tons of stuff.

And... oh, Pammy! Can you email me with your address? I want to send you a postcard from D.C. and the hard drive on which I saved your address got erased.

(And if you people ever come across a book entitled "Percy Jackson & the Olympians #1: The Lightning Thief", read it. It's awesome. I almost want to make a RPG based off of Half-Blood Camp.)

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