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Guess what guess what guess what!

AU's got wireless 'net in the dorms!

Man, I'm never gonna go to sleep now, am I? NOPE!

I've basically got free time until 1700 right now, since that's when dinner is. A dinner for which I must dress PROFESSIONALLY. Why? Because immediately after dinner, we have the Opening Ceremony for which professionalism is required. REQUIRED, I SAY!

Check in, after everything, isn't until 2315, a whole 15 minutes later than at GW! And the best part is, we've actually got stuff to do until then.

My roomie hasn't arrived yet, but registration's not over until... 1600, I believe. So she's got time. But dudes, this stuff is so cool! We got a binder, in which is our schedule, a student guide (with general rules, maps, code of conduct, etc), and then the fun stuff: Law & Advocacy case file (the People v. Edward Johns), L&A Criminal Trial Advocacy Handbook, and National Student Leadership Conference Leadership Handbook. Looks like fuuuuuun.

(For those of you who don't know me, this is basically me being antsy to do something, go somewhere, meet someone, and hoping my roommate isn't some peppy blonde girl who already knows everybody here.)

Oh, and I have to carry my key with me everywhere. Because my door doesn't stay unlocked. Haha.

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