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My very first accident! Aw...

Ow. I now have a seatbelt-shaped bruise all over my chest, I bet you. Why? Because I just got into my first car accident ever! Yay!

No, I wasn't driving. My mom was, and she slammed on her brakes a bit too late and ran into Land Rover. Driven by, we found out, a girl who is just eleven months older than me! The girl's car is peachy keen (the tire from the bottom fell off, that was it), but my mom's car is all smashed up in the front. It can be fixed, but the fixing might cost more than a new car. We don't know yet.

Anyway, I also missed my testing thanks to the accident. So that's going to have to be rescheduled, and school starts in ten days. Argh.

(Part of me now wants to make an icon of when Gibbs slammed on the brakes when Tony was sleeping in the back of the car, because that's totally how I was.)

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