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Geek News.

So, last night, I went to plug my laptop in. It didn't work. I tried a billion things, they didn't work, so I gave up and started to coil up the cord. And it sparked at me! Obviously, I threw it halfway across the room. After calming down a bit, I picked it back up and investigated. Appears like it got caught in something, some of the wires seperated and the rubber was torn off of a piece. I pressed a little too hard, and it sparked again. So I need a new power cord before I can use my laptop! Fun.

Meanwhile, I'm on my desktop. Great fun (what with my somewhat pirated programs I've downloaded on here and all), only one thing: It freezes. A lot. And then I've got to manually restart it. Le sigh.

In brighter, geekier news, Wallace Langham, He Of the Ever-Snarky Hodges on CSI, was in an episode of 21 Jump Street! Seriously! Unfortunately, it was in the fourth season, so I've got to wait about four months until I get to see it, but still!
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