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Watch me geek. Geek, Lee, geek.

Jake Sandvig? Aka Lash from Sky High?

Totally two years and 355 days older than me. Seriously, he was born Sept 8th, 1986.

That. Is so awesome. As was the information I found on the message board, if it can be trusted (that he finished school early, at age 16).

Oh, and I thought I'd regale you all with what I got today at the mall.

Premiere magazine, dreamwatch magazine, books 2 and 3 of the 'On the Run' trilogy, Sky High junior novelization, a "No one expects the Spanish inquisition!" T-shirt (which I will be wearing if my Daniel Jackson shirt does not arrive in time for the first day of school), A Few Good Men, Heathers, Oz season 5, The Job complete series, and a Wesley season 4 action figure. Not a bad haul, not at all.


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