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Me first day at Humanex

So, first day at school.

Pretty good.

Oh, and you'll never guess who goes to Humanex! Andrika! Seriously! We were BFF back in 8th grade, us being the only greens in our homebase class. And she shared some juicy gossip with me, courtesy of her brother Austin: Mr. Wilson beat the crap out of some kid and put him in the hospital because the kid attacked him. Mr. Wilson was awesome. He's in his 60's, and he beat the crap out of a teenager? That's so brilliant.

Anyway, breakdown by classes:

Heroes in Literature with Andrew
Andrew is the coolest teacher ever. I heart him. He says he originally came to Colorado to be a ski bum, and somehow ended up with a job. I'm not sure what I'll be doing for class yet, but you can get a point in class just for reading for a half-hour. How sweet is that? Oh, and another reason I love him: He totally has the Book of Amber on his bookshelf. Like, the one with all ten books. So cool. There's two guys and two girls in my class, one of the guys being Alan. I didn't catch the others' names.

Algebraic Review with Nancy
Gonna be pretty cool. She looks and sounds a bit like Rachel Dratch from SNL. There's Carter, Annalise, and Sarah in my class. There's two other guys, too.

Spanish Review with Carmen
My smallest class. It's me, Alan, Carter, and Sarah. Sarah is brand spankin' new at it, she doesn't even know what 'casa' means. Alan is about a quarter of the way through Spanish I, and Carter is in the last quarter of Spanish I. I'm currently paired with Carter for working, since I'm reviewing Spanish I. Or did I get Alan and Carter confused, level-wise? Hm... The teacher's pretty cool, and is actually Spanish, so she's not like my crappy old teachers. Plus, she has Spanish Scrabble!

Lunch, with all high schoolers
Okay, so it's pretty much all girls who eat downstairs. Weeeird. They've got vending machines and the Roach Coach for food, if you don't bring it. I ate/chatted with Sarah, Andrika, Leanne, and Tom, who is the biology/enviromental science teacher.

Family Group with Tracy (and Jenny)
All the high school girls are in the same Family Group, so there's twelve of us. Technically, we're supposed to be two seperate groups, but this was just easier. Jenny's the art teacher, she's pretty nice and looks really really familiar. More on Tracy later. Anyway, this is basically study hall/counseling group/goal-setting/free day/speakers (in M/T/W/Th/F order).

American Government with Mark
I have this with Leanne and Annalise and some other girls. The teacher is kind of awesome, since he plays for the Mammoths. http://www.coloradomammoth.com/Team/player.asp?PID=37 Also, holy shit. He is only eight years older than me. He's twenty-four. That is SO not right. Also, he's Canadian, and he's teaching American government. My mom found that amusing. Also, he looks a bit like I imagine Curtis to look in a few years.

Conceptual Physics with Bob
I really, really don't like him. And everyone else in the school loves him. Maybe when he's actually teaching he's better. We'll see. Also, I am the only one in that classroom that period who is taking a science class, everyone else is in Geometry or Algebra.

Research with Tracy
Tracy is awesome. She loves Buffy, so she's got to be pretty cool. I'm going to see if I can change which English class I'm in for that period, though, because I cannot start off a year with something like Research, especially at a new school. Andrika, Sarah, and Carter are all in the classroom, Andrika taking Literature, Sarah taking English 9, and Carter taking Research.

There's this junior high kid who has panic attacks or something, and so has a therapy dog named Tato that he has with him all the time. It's so cute. When I came into Research, the junior high class was finishing up, and this one jh girl was lying on the floor reading and scratching Tato's belly. So cute.

(By the way, American Idol auditions! In Denver! Four days after my sixteenth birthday! I'm elligible! Part of me wishes to make a total ass of myself and maybe get on national TV! Whoo!)

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