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AI, Joe, So You Think..., and BP!NM

Well, I can't do the American Idol thing, you've got to be 16 by August 15th, not by the time of the audition. Damn. Oh well, I can practice and try for it next season, since I doubt it'll be cancelled before then!

Oh, and Joe totally called me in the middle of Physics today. He thinks I'm avoiding him because he keeps calling while my phone's off and I've just learned how to access my voice box. The number, again, is 303.868.8309. Thank you.

Now that I'm done with the infomercial section of my life... actually, I got nothin'. I'm going to bed, damn it. I want eight hours of sleep! Or any sleep! Sleep, damn it!

(Also, Craig looked totally hot when he did the jive dance on So You Think You Can Dance, and Nick is my homeskillet. I hope one of them wins, I love those guys. And I also hope they do a wild card thing like I heard they did with American Idol - hey, I want to audition, not watch it, NCIS is on - and totally bring in BadPants!Nick Magoo - not real spelling, don't hit me - and that dance teacher lady and have them compete and totally WIN because I love BP!Nick Magoo. Sleep now!)
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