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Bring It On (Again) and

“I quit.”
”Me too.”
“That’s right, I quit too.”
“Greg, you’ll lose your cheerleading scholarship.”
“That’s right, I’m staying right here, but under a cloud of shame.”

Best part in Bring It On Again: The student/faculty croquet game. I especially love the type of students participating in the croquet game. Hilarious. The guy in the urban camo sleeveless shirt looks damn familiar, too.

I love this movie. It’s so better than Bring It On is. And Greg is totally the coolest. He’s hi-larious, man. And cute. Totally cuter than the gay guy in Bring It On. The love interest is also cuter, although I may just be thinking that because he’s campus DJ and I have an automatic love for college DJs and newspaper writers. Because I’m a dumbass like that.

“Make like a Tom, and Cruise.”

“This is modern day imperealism!”

Tanorexic is my favorite adjective.

“I’ll knock you so far down you’ll be in the cafeteria with your edgy freak of a boyfriend putting grapes in the Jello molds!”
“Oh yeah?”
”Well… don’t be all up in my Kool-Aid!” *snaps, walks off*
“…what does that mean?”

Also, I just started to download episode two of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (“Charlie Gets an Abortion”), and it’s already over 30% done in less than a half hour. It’s predicting another hour until it finishes.

“If there’s one thing I’m good at in this world, it’s sucking.”

“Yeah, well, whatever I lose in financial aid, I’ll gain in testicles! So I’m in!”


“Monks can’t cheer!”

Also, there’s either Jake Weber, or a Jake Weber-alike at the judge’s table. Totally, man. Cute, too. And I totally just typed that whole sentence without looking at it. How awesome am I? So totally awesome! GO ME! GO RENEGADES! GO… INSERT SOMETHING HERE!

All of the varsity squad falls over crying. LOVE IT. And then Marnie flipping out on the stage.

And the credits! “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”!

Behind cut is my squeeing over Bring It On Again, and a bit on It's Always Sunny.

Okay, so, I'm trying to find a decent used car, SUV or pickup, for under $10,000. Why? Because my mom's going to buy one in the next week (on Monday, insurance quits paying for the rental, and her car won't be ready for a few more weeks, and with my planning to get a job and coming up quite close to my being able to get my license). This car, after I get my license, will be mine. I'm gonna have a truck, man! Freaking sweet.

So far, our main contender is a '95 Toyota 4Runner for $4,992. It's pretty, and has plenty of bumper sticker space. It's a v6, with a 3.0 liter. Power steering, rear window wiper, and antilock breaks, of course. It only has radio, but I don't mind that. And thankfully, it's a manual. I've decided that although I tend to stall currently, manuals are SO much better than automatics. Whenever we're going down a hill in the automatic, I get the impression that we're free falling, and I completely spaz out. Plus, it's a 4Runner, so I can totally keep tons of crap in there! Whoo!
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