Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Wanted and Gaydar

I took OKCupid's Gaydar test, and got 8 of 20 right. I thought my gaydar was better than that, man. Oh well. It did say I'm better at identifying guys than girls, and I know that's true.

Wanted quotes and ramblings:

“Where’s your commitment to the job?”
“I’m committed to the resell value of my vehicle.”

“Son of a bitch just heaved a poodle out the window.”

“I’d rather kick my mother than hurt an animal.”

“He wets my bed, I’m beatin’ him.”
”How would you know if it was him or you?”

“I’m gonna shoot somebody if we don’t get back to the point here.”

“I think I met her.”
”The fourth ex-Mrs. Drake.”

“I’m gonna need money, drugs, and a bike.”
”And how is that different from every day?”

“’Product’? What, you been watchin’ reruns of Miami Vice all afternoon? Where’s your leisure suit, asshole?”

THAT WAS SO COOL! The way he snatched up his beer after slamming that guy onto the table! AWESOME!

“It was a great childhood. I’m thinking about making a board game out of it.”

Alright, that’s it. Cut it out with the crappy flashbacks, man. Just… stop.

Wait, wait. Junkie’s name is Hickenlooper? That’s the name of Denver’s mayor! OH NOES! HICKEY-DOO!

ZOMG! He’s like, totally evil ass Beecher now!


WTF is with that ending?
Tags: tv

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