Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Because I r teh sheep

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Fast Food Place
Burger Kingcassieloo
Taco Belldolarhyde
Del Tacoas_silver_seeps
White Castlerpgficcer
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LiveJournal Username
What colour is your LJ?
You're marryingremedysweet
Only came for the buffet, and eats all of the cakenights_mistress
Gets the band to play their favourite song: Nikki Webster's "Strawberry Kisses"maudlin
Sits in the corner, wishing they were marrying youcolin_chaotic
Gets completely sloshed and goes on a wild, naked rampagencis_rpg
Switches the cards on the wedding gifts because they were to stingy to buy you a presentboogiefoo
Takes off with the bridal party's limo and crashes it into a treeutopian_stars
Makes crude jokes the whole nightjadexburn
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LiveJournal Username
favorite color
perfect age
pet name for a person you love
Send Me An Angelmaudlin
My Girlelzoot
Love Songkisinkatebarlow
Little Miss Srpgficcer
Elmo tunesas_silver_seeps
I Put A Spell On Youleevee_icons
Do Ya Think I'm Sexyelzoot
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HAH! I doubt Kevin would sing "My Girl". Or that I'd sing "I Put a Spell On You" to myself.
Tags: memes

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