Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

New Icon and HBO

I uploaded a new icon, as y'all can see. It's meeeee, grinning in all of my stupid dorkiness. I checked the "latest updates" for Aurora, Colorado, and am pleased to note that I am one of two self-icons without either stoner!eyes or wannabe Gothness. Although this is a slightly weird shot, as I'm kneeling on the ground using the only clean section of the hall mirror, and taking the picture with my own camera and trying not to have the camera in the shot.

Also, I so need a freaking webcam. Or something.

(And YAY! We're getting a free preview of HBO and HBO On Demand for a couple of days starting September 3rd. Which means I get to see the last half of Oz season six! ME SO HAPPY! ME SEE MORE RYAN!)
Tags: tv

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