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Stupidest Reason EVER Why Colorado Rules

Me and Andy are talking about the Click Five:

Otakulee: WHOO! Lead Guitar Guy is from Denver!

Your Hometown:
Denver"the greatest place on earth"Colorado
Otakulee: Your Guilty Pleasure(s):
mexican food, Colorado, girls
Boogiefoo Mind: Hahah.
Otakulee: What do you want The Click to achieve?
nothing short of world domination
Boogiefoo Mind: Heh.
Otakulee: I mentally hug him for preaching the Colorado POWAH.
Boogiefoo Mind: There is no Colorado power. *watches state of New York be cool* We have, um...New Yorkers!
Otakulee: *eyeroll* Dude, we've got mountains, and the Avs, and one of the stars of our lacrosse team is a Canadian teaching me American Government. We SO pwn New York.

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