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Rescue Me, Names, and a Chat

Took a name-liking quiz (http://www.namenerds.com/uucn/namequiz.html)

Here are the results of Norah's name quiz

Your personality type is: Classic Conservative : 40%
Your personality type is: Modern Conservative : 35%
Your personality type is: Classic Unusual : 15%
Your personality type is: Classic Eccentric : 10%
Your personality type is: Modern Eccentric. : 0%
Your personality type is: Modern Unusual : 0%

Summerchick3334 signed off at 6:42:37 PM.
Otakulee: Hey Jenn
Summerchick3334: Hey Lee
Otakulee: What's new?
Summerchick3334: my sn might be changing
Summerchick3334: toki no kusabi
Otakulee: Er, okay
Summerchick3334: my gparents are getting rid of AOL
Summerchick3334: I wanna be sure I have a backup sn
Otakulee: Aah, I see
Otakulee: Damn it, I wish people would stop adding me to their buddy list and then IM me and ask who I am!
Summerchick3334: lol I know what you mean
Otakulee: Oh, dude
Otakulee: http://www.gothamclocktower.com/utpromo1.htm Shots from Veronica Mars season two's trailer
Previous message was not received by Summerchick3334 because of error: User Summerchick3334 is not available.

Summerchick3334 signed on at 6:54:59 PM.
Summerchick3334 signed off at 6:55:02 PM.
Otakulee: http://www.gothamclocktower.com/utpromo1.htm Shots from Veronica Mars season two's trailer
Summerchick3334: ahhh!
Summerchick3334: she looks young again!
Otakulee: Hee!
Summerchick3334: Cordelia!
Otakulee: Yeah, and she's playing Beaver and Dick's stepmom.
Summerchick3334: lol!
Summerchick3334: http://www.gothamclocktower.com/utpromo17.htm
Summerchick3334: who?
Summerchick3334: http://www.gothamclocktower.com/utpromo19.htm
Summerchick3334: and?
Otakulee: First guy, dunno. Second guy, Felix. I'm guessing the bridge incident got a little... violent...
Summerchick3334: o_o;;
Otakulee: By the way... http://www.gothamclocktower.com/utpromo13.htm

Only not. But a girl can dream, can't she?
Summerchick3334: lol yeah.... dreeeammm
Otakulee: Hey, he's cute!
Otakulee: Dude, is it September 28th yet?
Summerchick3334: I wish! ;_;
Otakulee: Okay, dude. http://www.newyorkblade.com/2004/12-31/arts/main/Point2.jpg How old do you think that guy is?
Summerchick3334: i'd say....16
Otakulee: Try early thirties.
Summerchick3334: o_O No way!!
Otakulee: Yes way. He's also gay. http://www.newyorkblade.com/2004/12-31/arts/main/outact.cfm
Summerchick3334: ;_; so is this guy http://www.markowens.co.uk/images/Hayden_Christensen_110402.jpg
Summerchick3334: *loves him*
Summerchick3334: it's sad!
Otakulee: What, he's gay?
Summerchick3334: yeah!
Summerchick3334: and he was Anakin in star wars ep. 2-3
Summerchick3334: *saaad*
Otakulee: I know who he is, I'm not an idiot
Summerchick3334: some people don't know him
Otakulee: Not in this century, if they're under the age of forty.
Summerchick3334: people who haven't seen star wars
Summerchick3334: Sma haviland *cough cough*
Summerchick3334: though now she's seen most of em
Otakulee: Dude, I didn't see either of the Star Wars movies that had him in it, and I know who he is.
Summerchick3334: lol
Otakulee: For most of the summer, it was impossible to be in the same house as a TV or computer and not have his name being shouted at you.
Otakulee: How'd you find out that he's gay?
Summerchick3334: everyone knows now
Summerchick3334: though they were keeping it from me for some moronic reason
Otakulee: Yeah, except, y'know, the news. And um, everyone online.
Summerchick3334: lol
Otakulee: Pretty sure that someone was screwing with you.
Summerchick3334: possibly
Otakulee: http://www.johntabin.com/archives/000362.html
Summerchick3334: ha!
Summerchick3334: Tom, Nets, Zach and Zach's friend should go fuck themselves
Otakulee: Um, ew. Thanks for the mental image, yo.
Summerchick3334: lol sorry
Otakulee: Also: Does this mean that they all read gay magazines? 'Cause damn, that would explain a lot...
Summerchick3334: lol yeah it would
Otakulee: Oh, that reminds me, I need to find their phone numbers so I can invite them to my birthday party. Also, did you find out when Homecoming is?
Summerchick3334: 17th
Otakulee: Ah, good. It does not interfere with my evil plans...
Summerchick3334: lol.
Otakulee: ...I have a browser window up with Leo's picture in it and I keep clicking back to it.
Otakulee: God, I'm pathetic.
Summerchick3334: lol
Otakulee: That's it. VM ficage, here I come!
Summerchick3334: lol
Summerchick3334: you reading?
Summerchick3334: aren't you worried about love?
Otakulee: Not often. It takes a half hour to find any non-LoVe fics, and I've been dead against that since... um, they started getting along. I like them as enemiesish, damn it!
Summerchick3334: lol
Otakulee: Now, LeLo, that I could get behind.
Otakulee: *slaps self*
Summerchick3334: *snicker*
Summerchick3334: get behind eh?
Otakulee: *groans*
Otakulee: Ah, but the ultimate pairings: Veronica/Leo, Duncan/Meg, and Logan/Weevil.
Summerchick3334: the last one is iffy :P
Summerchick3334: but veronica/leo is cute
Summerchick3334: still a love fan
Otakulee: Nah, the last one has the most basis in canon.
Summerchick3334: ^ ^;;;
Otakulee: Dude. Didn't you see... that one episode? With the detention and stuff?
Summerchick3334: lmao... true...true....
Summerchick3334: there was chemistry
Otakulee: Hell yeah
Otakulee: Damn you, TWoP! I now have about twenty boards to check because they're recapping new shows I want to watch.
Summerchick3334: lol
Otakulee: Seriously. Both Apprentice boards, Bones, Gilmore Girls, Head Cases, Prison Break, Rescue Me, Veronica Mars, and the Drama (for all my cop shows), Competitive Reality (for So You Think You Can Dance), How-To Reality (for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition), and Sitcom (for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, My Name is Earl, and Everybody Hates Chris) boards.
Otakulee: And I also just typed "Everybody Hates Christ" by accident.
Summerchick3334: o_o;;
Otakulee: I watch far too much TV. You want I should show you the Excel spreadsheet I made, detailing my primetime viewing habits of the upcoming fall season?
Otakulee: Because I warn you, it's pathetic.
Summerchick3334: wow. sure
Otakulee: Okay.
Arrested Development 7-730
Kitchen Confidential 730-8
Otakulee: Prison Break 8-9
Otakulee: TUESDAYS
NCIS 7-8
My Name is Earl 8-830
Close to Home 9-10
Otakulee: Also, tape Bones in 7-8 and download Gilmore Girls for 7-8
Apprentice Martha Stewart 7-8
Veronica Mars 8-9
Tape - Head Cases 8-9
Everybody Hates Chris 7-730
Will & Grace 730-8
CSI 8-9
Tape - The Apprentice 8-9
Otakulee: FRIDAYS
Numb3rs 9-10
Otakulee: SUNDAYS
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 7-8
Law & Order: Criminal Intent 8-9
Crossing Jordan 9-10
Otakulee: There ya go.
Summerchick3334: o_o sheesh
Otakulee: Yeah, and that's not including the slight overlap time period between my summer shows and my fall shows. I expect at least half of my new fall shows to be cancelled or be so bad that I quit watching, though.
Summerchick3334: sad
Otakulee: Yup
Otakulee: Oh, I was watching the premiere of Prison Break last Monday, and I noticed something that had me totally cracking up: The toilet, the one that he's removing to get out of the cell? Totally made in Aurora, Illinois.
Summerchick3334: lol weird
Otakulee: Hey, check out the new Serenity site, it's shiny: www.serenitymovie.com
Summerchick3334: sweet
Otakulee: Oh yeah
Otakulee: My socks reek.
Otakulee: How about yours>
Otakulee: ?*
Summerchick3334: lol
Summerchick3334: yeah
Otakulee: SWEET! We're getting a free preview of HBO & HBO On Demand starting tomorrow! Which means... I finally get to see the end of Oz! YAY, DEAN WINTERS! Between this and my first season Rescue Me DVDs, I am one happy Dean Winters fangirl, yo.
Summerchick3334: nice!!!!
Otakulee: Oh, Dean Winters, why must you be so goddamn sexy?
Summerchick3334: lmao
Otakulee: HAHA! I love it. There's a character on Wanted named Carla, only people over at TWoP kept thinking she was named Carmen because no one likes her enough to care what her name is, so now we all call her Carlamen.
Summerchick3334: g2g
Summerchick3334: ttyl!
Otakulee: Bye

Oh, and to anyone who watches/knows anything about the show Rescue Me, I have a question. Best slash pairing:

ETA: http://www.brunching.com/geekhierarchy.html I qualify under... eight of the categories. Guess them all and I give you a cookie!
Tags: chats, memes, tv

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