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CHERUB und Percy (and both TPs)

There's this new book series out in the US - it's British, and not so new over in the UK. The first two books are out here, and five out over there. It's called CHERUB, and it's kind of awesome. I mean, sure, the main character is a twelve year old, but he's like a REAL twelve year old, not that crap they always try to pull on us!

On the note of twelve-year-old main characters, yesterday I met Rick Riordan at the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch. He's the guy who writes Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Anyway, I got my book signed, and got another copy signed for Humanex. The main character, Percy, has ADHD and dyslexia, which is definitely something a lot of kids at Humanex have got. Also, it's about Greek myths, which is the one thing that interests nearly every kid. Oh, and it's totally being made into a movie by 20th Century. Like, awesome much? It's going to be a five-book series, book two's coming out in the first half of next year.

Anyway, back to CHERUB. Check it out at www.cherubcampus.com, which looks like a really cool fansite, but is actually the official site. Especially check out the wallpapers, which includes 'Fuzzywuzzy Rainbowkins' colored!

(I also got the latest Tamora Pierce, and will be getting the latest Terry Pratchett tomorrow, which will also be signed this Saturday. Love you, Tattered Cover!)
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