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Bonnie, NCIS, and Supernatural

I am updating from scenic Bonnie and Craig's house in the heart of Highlands Ranch. My mom and I decided to come visit Bonnie and Colin, and Bonnie's not feeling too well, so we're staying with her until Craig gets home. If this is any later than about 1815, we'll stay until 2100. Which means that yeah, we're staying until 2100. This is so I may watch NCIS and Supernatural.

And I totally found two things that tye those shows together! John, the Brothers Dean's dad? He was totally a Marine. Also, spontaneous human combustion (yeah, I realize "Heart Break" wasn't actual human combustion, but it still counts)!

Also, on the website for Supernatural (http://supernatural.warnerbros.com/)? They've got 'wraiths' listed in their glossary/encycolpedia type section:
A Scottish word, first used in English in 1513. A wraith is an apparition, vision, or double of another living person. Its appearance is commonly seen as an omen that the person being doubled is about to die.

I KNEW the guy who swooped them up was Fake!Dad!
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