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Yays! Me gots a LJ! Thank you, chaineddove! Wheee!!!! *runs around in confused circles* Now, so ya'll can get to know me, a survey! Wheeeee!!!!

A - Age: 13. And everyone thinks I'm like 15 or something.
B - band: AFI! Or Good Charlotte. Or...
C - Choice Of Meat: Any! Cooked, that is. Oh, 'cept 4 bacon.
D - Dream Date: "Dream" date? *coughs* Err... something along the lines of "heading out for a romantic evening, then attacked by a giant flying pig". Don't ask.
E - Excites You: Most things Harry Potter or anime related.
F - Favourite Food: Pizza.
G - Greatest Gift: Err... My snowboard? I dunno...
H - Happiest Day Of Your Life: The day when that guy robbed a bank next door to my school. We were in lockdown until 6:00. It was fun...
I - Internal conflicts: Gah... Mostly, making myself clean my room and do my homework.
J - Jealous: Of the people in books and movies.
K - Kool Aid: Well, they all taste the same to me.
L - Love: Exists in stories.
M - Most Valuable Thing You Own: My laptop, but it's broken, so... my book collection.
N - Name: Really? Meagan. Everyone who isn't family calls me Lee, and everyone online calls me Leevee.
O - Outfit I Love: What I'm wearing now! A white no-sleeves shirt with "American Attitude" written on it, gray-green baggy pants w/deep pockets, and a black & dark gray overshirt. And black socks.
P - Pizza Topping: Cheese. If I need protein, pepperoni.
Q - Question I want to ask: Why does cheese not dance? Okay, no. What I really wanna ask is, DAMN IT JOSS WHEDON, WHY'D YOU KILL JONATHAN?!?!?!
R - Roots: Like, ethnically? Norwegian and American Indian on my mom's side, Irish, German, Scottish, and a bit Indian (from India) on my dad's side. But I look Italian.
S - Sport to watch: football, I guess.
T - TV show: Buffy. Or Angel. Or any show with British guys.
U - Unique habits: Eh, everything.
V - View from the window: I keep my windows covered. Sunlight is evil... *hisses and slides into the dark*
W - Weather I Love: Snow!
Y - Yesterday's best meal: Uh, did I eat yesterday?
Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo.

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