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VMVMVMVMVMVM!!!!! ("Normal is" so not "the Watchword")

Oh. My. GOD.

Veronica Mars = teh coolest, yo. I mean, hell, I screamed out in joy when I realized that Dick and Beaver Cassidy were added to the credits. Of course, I have a ridiculous crush on Cassidy, so that may be it, but DAMN. Dick was so cool this episode. The "Ms. Dumbass" and greetings of Veronica were freakin' awesome.

God I hope Meg can swim.

This show is so weird to me. I mean, my favorites are the minor characters (Leo, Cliffie, Cassidy, Dick, Meg, Mac, poor dead Felix with his "Son, you don't know what you've just done", etc). But I also love all the main characters (Veronica, Logan, Weevil, Wallace, Keith, even Duncan). It's like... anyone who's on screen, any storyline, and I want to watch it. This? Unprecedented in my TV-viewing lifetime.

I totally need to make a "Dick fangirl" icon. Because that? Would be AWESOME.

In other news: Did not go to school today, as we though Bonnie might be having Anna so my mom and I stayed the night at Bonnie and Craig's.

Watched Apprentice: Martha style, and Howie is totally my new TV boyfriend (Dick is merely my TV best friend/lackey). He's so cute with kiddies.

Got the Veronica Mars soundtrack, and totally blasted it, bounced up and down, and mouthed the words in the car. My mom kept laughing at me, but DUDE. "We Used to be Friends"!

Also got a box of Serenity cards, which, it turns out, left me with two complete sets, a nearly complete fourth, and a few shiny extras like a Pieceworks card with Kaylee's shirt. WHOO!
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