Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Consensus: I am a complete geek

Take the first sentence from the last 15 entries you've written and put them all in a paragraph.
If it's just memes, I skipped the entry. And if it starts with a quote, I skip to my first words.

Anyway, I totally have a Nintendo DS now. Oh. My. GOD. I got an email from Day about how some clubs in the area want to form a Sevens union this fall. I totally have an awesome browncoat to wear on Friday, too, so that other Browncoats will know me apart from non-Browncoat viewers. I'm totally doing sudoku puzzles while watching NUMB3RS. ZOMG! Just found this on a website, is freakin' high-larious: WARNING: Not for small children or those for whom theology is a touchy point. GODDAMN IT! Haha, I'm screwing around with the Pairing List That Ate the Fandom generator (http://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=brainhurtpairer), and totally got Shigure/Jonathan Levinson as a pairing. I am updating from scenic Bonnie and Craig's house in the heart of Highlands Ranch. I came down from my shower to watch a little Leno, but my TV was still on FOX after Prison Break, so I caught the end of "A Current Affair", and they were at some insideTV gathering, and doing this thing making all the celebs make the sound of their show, and there was this quick clip that I went "Whoa, is that Pauley Perrete?" Damn it, I HATE Quentin Tarantino! Am debating writing a couple of Buffy/NCIS crossovers for Twisting the Hellmouth's FFA (Fic For All) challenge. Now, off to put on jeans and a rugby shirt and go to meet Pterry!
Tags: memes

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