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Rugby related stuff

Lions cap: http://foxrugby.com/departments-rugby-hats-british---irish-lions-red-cap.html
All Blacks/Lions 2005 Limited Edition jersey: http://foxrugby.com/departments-shop-by-country-wales-wales-national-team-all-blacks---british---irish-lions-2005-limite.html
2004 College championship DVD: http://foxrugby.com/departments-us-colleges-2004-college-rugby-championship-dvd.html
New Zealand vs Wales World Cup 2003 DVD: http://foxrugby.com/departments-video---dvd-new-zealand-vs-wales-world-cup-2003-dvd.html

All of which I totally just ordered off of foxrugby.com.

I also just signed up for Sevens. Sevens, the rugby game with even MORE running, and for everyone! On the plus side, only fourteen players on the field, so I don't have to worry about running into other people, thank god.

(I so need to make a rugby icon that has action, not just cute guys celebrating a win.)
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